Chris Walsh competes in two-day desert off-road racing event

Step One Motorsports Ambassador, Chris Walsh stepped into Legacy Racing Association’s 2023 Baja Nevada for the first time in his racing career. This association’s founders are based out of Las Vegas, Nevada, and organize, host, and promote high-level off-road races comprised of multiple vehicle classes. Baja Nevada is one of their premier events and was a monstrous 650-mile (1046-kilometer) course with racing spanning over the course of two days, separated by an overnight stop at the midpoint of the race. Finishing results were determined by the combination of competitors’ times from day one and day two.

Image Credit: Chris Walsh

Qualifying for this event is optional; Walsh and his co-driver Austin Bowen opted to dive right into day one of racing on Friday. Walsh’s entry was in the TrophyLite class, which kicked off alongside other trucks, cars, and UTVs. TrophyLite Series is a spec series focused on off-road desert truck racing. This was a new foray for Walsh, who dove into the challenge head-on behind the wheel of the high-speed vehicle. Unfortunately, despite his best efforts, the truck broke down which resulted in a DNF or “did not finish” result for day one. The focus shifted to day two of racing on Saturday, as Walsh would be able to continue competing on the desert course. However, brutal weather conditions contributed to a second day of being unable to complete the race distance and a course DNF. Despite all of this, Walsh’s time was one that was enjoyable and provided plenty of learning between his GT4 America race weekends for the 2023 season.

It is with the GT4 America series that Walsh will next compete at Circuit of the Americas from 19-21 May 2023 with Valkyrie Velocity.